Environmental Policy

Order Pad Warehouse has always seriously considered its impact upon the environment and strives to mitigate this by continually introducing and maintaining improvements in its' activities.

The Company has introduced into its working practices many environmentally friendly practices such as these listed below:

  • The promotion and supply of FSCĀ® accredited products.
  • The promotion and supply of lighter weight papers giving more length on a roll leading to fewer rolls required and better utilisation of transport and storage resources.
  • The use of Recycled Materials in its products.
  • The use of Recycled/Recyclable Packaging.
  • The use of Self Closure Die Cut boxes to eliminate the need for Sellotape to seal the boxes in small roll packaging and reduce the cardboard requirement.
  • Maximising palletisation of goods = fewer pallets, less deliveries and less storage space.
  • The use of Water based Printing Inks as this is environmentally friendly as opposed to using spirit based inks/uv inks.
  • The Collection and Recycling of Waste materials produced within the plant.
  • The use of low wattage Energy Efficient Lighting throughout in the warehousing and the offices.